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The Kelowna Running Club will provide opportunities for the community to participate, recreate and be educated in the sport of running at whatever level they choose.

KVR Trestle Run -Incredibly scenic! Michelle's pictures 2014 >>  

Peak to Beak 18K Runners and people >> 

Where Canada's 
fittest people live, meet and run
According to recently released data by Statistics Canada, Kelowna has the fittest population with the lowest level of obesity across the nation. 

32nd Peak to Beak 18K 

Trevor Haaheim from Kelowna offers his competitors no opportunity He wins the demanding and 32nd Peak to Beak 18K race for the seventh time. “I just kept going, not too tough and slowed down a bit downtown,” speaking modestly about his accomplishments. “I didn’t really push the pace anywhere.” Second place took Jeff Vogt followed by Jake van Allen, both from Kelowna.
Cindy Rhodes won the women’s division. Like Trevor, she won the race several times. “I don’t know how often, I’m doing this race since 1989,” the affable athlete says. “I really didn’t expect to win; it’s all strategy and strength.”


More and results still to follow ....
Race information
Peak to Beak >>

Kelowna Midsummer 8K race Results >>

Adam Byles crossing the finish line, winner of the Midsummer 8K race in 25:13

Vancouver runners top

By Shawn Baenziger

Vancouver runners clearly ruled at this year’s Midsummer 8K race Adam Byles in the division M 30-34 was the winner overall in 25:13 “I was trying to get out hard and to hang in there,” he says. “It was an interesting race. I run lots on the track and liked the forth-and-back and it’s flat.” Kevin O’Connor, also from Vancouver, finished second in 25:56. Fastest Kelowna runner and third overall was Jeff Vogt in 27:56. Full story >>

 Winner Natasha Wodak from Vancouver in 28:07

KRC member Jeff Vogt, third overall in 27:56  


Liz showing her Boston Marathon trophy and some of her numerous medals. 

Boston Marathon winner touts Midsummer 8K race She ran over 35 Half Marathons and 6 or 7 Full Marathons Liz Borrett doesn’t exactly remember how many she ran, but she won most of them in her age group.  Her most impressive win was the age group win over 75 at the 2014 Boston Marathon. What does she think of the Kelowna Midsummer 8K race: “I actually find the longer distances easier while in the 8K I just can get going. It takes me a little while to kind of settle in and then the race is over,” she says. “The 8K is a wonderful race to be introduced to running, it’s an easy distance and to be part of the culture of running.” Liz will run the Midsummer 8K this year. “The 8K is an excellent way to get into running,” she adds. “Take the focus away of your time and put the focus on the success of the accomplishment, it’s easy and doable.”

 Canada Day 10K Beach Run, Peachland Results >>

Jeff Vogt wins the Blackwell Dairy 15K race in Kamloops in 56:33. Susan Templin F60-64 in 1:21:29 and Peter Pollhammer M70-74 in 1:14:10 won their age group. 123 runners finished the race compared to 155 finishers a year ago. Where are all the runners? Sunday, May 25, 2014 Results >>

Cindy Rhodes triumphs at the Blossom 10 Miler in Penticton, winning the women's division in 1:07:51 Jeff Vogt is the overall winner in 57:58 A great day for our runners. The age group winners Susan Templin, F 60-64 in 1:24:12, Diane Leonard, F 65-69 in 1:23:43, Liz Borrett, F 75-79 in 1:28:11, Rory Switzer, M 50-54 in 59:59 (3rd overall), Roly Muller, M 60-64 in 1:09:08, Brian Rourke, M 65-69 in 1:11:57 and Peter Pollhammer, M 70-74 in 1:18:02 completed the victorious Sunday for the Kelowna Running Club. May 11, 2014 Full Results >>


Blossom 10 Miler in Penticton. Cindy, in the lead of the women's division, powers to the finish line. 
Photo: Contributed - Interior Running Association

Make your IRA race results count Members of an IRA club are eligible for Interior Running Asssociation awards. Membership and benefits >>

Volunteering for new KRC members
KRC members presented the benefits and values of becoming a member of the Kelowna Running Club at the race package pickup for the Okanagan Half Marathon and 10K
188 runners completed this year’s Okanagan College half marathon. Ryan Day from Cache Creek won the race in 1:11:16. KRC member Jeff Vogt was 3rd in 1:18:35. The women’s winner overall was Sandra Kilmartin from Salmon Arm in 1:28:57. KRC age group winners were Sandra McNaugthonThomson (F55-59), Susan Templin (F60-64), Dian Leonard (F65-69), Rory Switzer (M50-54), Tim Purcer (M55-59), Brian Rourke (M65-69) and Garry Bell (M70-74). April 6 Results >>

Strong resurgence of Hans Aabye at the River's Spring Run Off 10K race in Kamloops winning in 32:37 and defeating Penticton 5K winner Sean Bergman (M16-19) from Kelowna, the runner-up with 34:03. 
A great race showed KRC member Cindy Rhodes from Kelowna on her birthday. Cindy (F55-59) finished in 42:45 taking second place behind Delilah Topic (F 35-39) also from Kelowna. Further KRC age group winners from Kelowna were Colleen Evans (F45-49), Janice Bradshaw (F50-54), Susan Templin (F60-64), Diane Leonard (F65-69), Liz Borrett (F75-79), RJ Dueck (M45-49), Brian Rourke (M65-69) and Peter Pollhammer (M70-74). 125 runners, 62 women and 63 men, almost evenly split, finished the race on Sunday, March 16. Results >>

Teenagers win over top runners Sean Bergman from Kelowna (M16-19) wins in 16:05 over serial winner Hans Aabye from West Kelowna (M35-39) who finished the Penticton Lakeside 5K in 16:08. 

Hannah Bennison from Vernon (F 1-15) triumphs with a time of 18:22 over Christy Lovig from Kelowna. Christy finished with a time of 18:33. March 2, 2014 Full results>>


Hannah, left, shoulder to shoulder with KRC member Christy, striving for the 5K win. 
Photo: Courtesy Interior Running Association

Interior Running Association race series 2014 More >>       

Outstanding performances of our athletes, hundreds of hours volunteer work and the untiring work of our executives make the Kelowna Running Club a widely recognized sports club in the Okanagan. Our club is well-known for its Saturday goats’ runs for runners and walkers alike and weekly runs as the Creekers and the Nooners. We may include the social Pub Run.

The KRC organizes the high level and fast Midsummer 8k race, the challenging Peak to Beak 18k race, the Larry Nicholas memorial 9k cross country race with a 4k fun run, and successfully added the strong Kids series. We make races possible for all ages and levels. The entry fees are minimal but the medals, the after run food and prices are incomparable, and runners from in- and outside the valley flock to our runs.We can only do it with a strong and growing membership, currently over one hundred, and kindly ask you to renew or sign up as a member. The Kelowna Running Club needs you and your contribution. Please sign up, using our form or through Zone4. Many thanks to all who already renewed their membership or signed up as a new member.Who is a KRC member? For a complete list go to Members. Membership and benefits>>

KRC videos and reports

Approaching the finish: 

After running 18k, down from Knox Mountain, through the city, across the bridge up to Quails' Gate, down to the lake, the fastest runners approach the finish. Watch runners and running techniques. Watch the runners you recognize.



A perfect event The Midsummer 8k race attracts runners from across the province and from other provinces. A beautiful Sunday morning, a new course, and a cheering crowd made this year’s race a perfect event. The video presents the race as it developed, from the warm up to the start and finish. The runners and most of all the kids were the great performers.




Two remarkable athletes Long time KRC members Annick deGooyer and Cindy Rhodes met for a Sunday morning run, up Summit road. They paused at the gazebo Dilworth/Summit. The two remarkable athletes, used to always give more than their best, talk about running, membership and the three popular races organized by the Kelowna Running Club. A video to watch and to promote the KRC. 



 The Crypt >> for last year's races and race reports

About the Goats' Runs

Goats' Runs Schedule
Weekly with maps All runs for September>> 

Upcoming KRC must-go events
- September 21, Peak to Beak 18K race
- October 23, Volunteer appreciation
- November 2, Larry Nicholas memorial 9K
- November 16, Pub Run
- November 29, Christmas Party

Preparing for the Peak to Beak race Cindy Rhodes talks about the P2B, benefits of running, women's and youth running Club news >>

KRC website-editor replacement As the editor of the Kelowna Running Club website I gave myself two years to edit and to improve the KRC website. I am amazed how fast the time went by, and true to my goal I am going to be relieved as a website-editor by the end of this year. I have enjoyed, and I am honored to have served the Kelowna Running Club. 
I would like to help with the transition so that the website continues to function smoothly. I am available to help recruit and train my replacement and will make sure that all reporting will be updated before I leave. Please contact the writer, should you have any questions, concerns or be interested in editing the KRC website: Shawn Baenziger

Festive inauguration New winners podium for the Kelowna Running Club  l.t.r KRC president Brian Wrightson, RJ Dueck, Liz Borrett, freshly engaged Michelle Sinclair, Diane Leonard and Trevor Haaheim. The winners podium was Shawn Baenziger's farewell gift to the KRC. He asked to be relieved as website editor. Runners and non-runners willing to take over his task are encouraged to come forward and to contact one of our board members.

Michelle’s Talk Michelle Sinclair recommends known and lesser known events our runners might already know or be interested to try out and talks about events: 5th Annual JLB Memorial Run Midway, BC  Read >>

Trail Runs Dan Crockett will no longer host the trail runs “Attendance has dwindled to a few and it is difficult for me to commit to a time and place just to see if anyone shows up!" Read >>

Running, more than a sport  For many runners running isn't just exercise One of our avid readers asked to post the article published in the Impact Magazine how our Kelowna runners Corinne Gable and Jim Lawrence manage to walk-run with implanted cardioverter-defibrillators. Read >>
For contributions to our website, please contact The Editor >>

Weekday Runs with the Creekers or the Nooners
Run with a companion 
Liz Borrett's
loyalty and devotion to running and marathon success. Full Story >> 

Fresh Air Concept/Experience, one of our main sponsors, offers clinics right through the running season >> 

Enthusiastic young runners start to the Midsummer Kids' race 2014

IRA getting people to run
The Interior Running Association held a promotional workshop on Saturday at the Okanagan College in Kelowna. Running club representatives from Penticton, Vernon and Kelowna met to share ideas how to increase runner participation and running awareness. “The IRA is a great resource for runners of all levels,” says Cindy Rhodes, interim president. John Wilson, webmaster, adds: “The Interior Running Association is a great place to meet and to get to know people.”
Topics of the workshop included current promotion of events and clubs, option for publicity, working with teams and volunteers, followed by exercises on web technologies, sports photography and writing sports stories.
The participants left with new tools to promote events and participation throughout the year.
Workshop participants: Cindy Rhodes, Shawn Baenziger, RJ Dueck, Colleen Evans (front row), Aaron Barry, John Machuga, Peter Pollhammer, Michael Serani, Stephen Joyce, John Wilson (back row, l.t.r.). March 15, 2014

30th Larry Nicholas 9k Memorial cross country run

The treacherous Snow Creek Wall in Leavenworth, Wa., US, where the two young climbers fell to their tragic and untimely deathsRead full story >>

The Kids' race success >>

Practice makes perfect holds true for these young kids.  Participating in the kid’s race series and starting sports in early childhood make children proud of their accomplishments. Read >> 

Strong Kids' Race Sunday, November 3, 2013 Results >>

Cindy Rhodes and Peter Pollhammer



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