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The Kelowna Running Club will provide opportunities for the community to participate, recreate and be educated in the sport of running at whatever level they choose.



We are looking for volunteers for the upcoming Fresh Air Midsummer 8k provincial championship and Strong Kids Run #2 to be held on Sunday, July 3, 2016, starting at 8 A.M. These events start and finish at Gyro Park on Lakeshore Drive. There will be many runners from around B.C. here to compete and we are anxious to showcase how to put on a first class event. This requires many volunteers, from road marshals to finish line personnel. So come out, enjoy the rays and participate in this fun event. At the awards ceremony following the events one lucky volunteer will win a pair of New Balance shoes. To volunteer for the 8k race contact R.J. Dueck. To volunteer for the Strong Kids run go online and pick your position. The Strong Kids run will follow the 8k race, so feel free to volunteer for both.


With the upcoming provinvial 8k road running championship, namely the Freshair Midsummer 8k, coming up, runners please take note that in order to qualify for any B.C. Athletic prizes or awards, including age graded placement, the runner must have a B.C. Athletics membership. For many clubs membership in that club does not automatically include membership in B.C. Athletics.


Parkrun participants

Every Saturday morning, in a dozen countries, in over 800 parks, over 1 million runners participate in a timed 5k run. These runs are put on by volunteers and there is no entry fee.

As stated on the Parkrun website “It’s for everyone. Whether you’re young or old, male or female, fit or unfit, able-bodied or not, you’re always welcome. It’s not about racing, it’s about running.”

This phenomenon began in the United Kingdom in 2004 and grew exponentially a few years later. Over 1.5 million runners have participated, many of them first time runners who have taken up the sport in a more serious fashion. However, one of the main objectives is to encourage non-runners to become more active.

While the run has spread from the United Kingdom to Australia, Russia, the United States and several other countries, there have not been any Parkrun events in Canada. Will that change? Stay tuned.


Hard work is being done in preparation for the remaining two road races in the Interior Running Association road race series for 2016, namely the Fresh Air Midsummer 8k (July 3, 2016) and the Fresh Air Hard Knox 12k (August 14, 2016).

The Fresh Air Midsummer 8k is a provincial championship, which requires extra attention to detail (although aren’t we near perfect all the time?).

Don’t forget that Fresh Air Experience has put up a prize of a $500 Fresh Air gift certificate. To be eligible for the draw one must participate in at least one of these races or in the Fresh Air Women’s Run 5k and 10k (June 12, 2016) and must register early.  Each time one enters one of these races at least 30 days prior to the race date, their name is entered in the draw, which will be made at the Larry Nicholas Cross Country race on October 30, 2016.  So fellas, you have three chances to win, while the gals have four chances (which is only fair, isn’t it?).

Rooms at UCBO in the students' accomodation has been set aside for the Fresh Air Midsummer 8k and Fresh Air Hard Knox. Information is attached.  Please note that the booking deadline is May 16, 2016.  So if you are from out of town and do not wish to travel the morning of the race act now.

This year the Kelowna Running Club is awarding a unique medal to all participants in the three Kelowna Running Club sponsored road races.  Each runner will receive a stand alone medal.  If someone does all three races, the medals all clip together via magnetic hook and they have a very unique medal.  Don’t pass up the opportunity to receive such a unique medal, while improving your chances of winning the $500 gift certificate.

Composite Medals


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KRC Bursary

Help provide post-secondary funding for a deserving local student who is active in the local running scene.